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from : Liverpool, UK

personal object : a Labour Party campaign leaflet

This Labour Party campaign leaflet was passed on to me by Tom Kenny, my grandfather. In 1934, he was the candidate for Liverpool Council, Walton. The leaflet is one of many influences he had on my way of looking at life. He worked in Liverpool Docks. His message, fully expressed in the leaflet (which preceded World War 1) is more relevant today than ever. Nothing has changed for 'the many' - but for 'the few'...

chosen artwork : Whose Utopia?    Cao Fei, 2006

The parents and grandparents of these factory workers may have been the ‘coolies’ (as they were called on the Docks) who manned the ships landing at the docks where Tom Kenny, my grandfather, worked. His work, though hard, probably had more variety and comradeship (and that goes for the Chinese merchant seamen, too) than the young people in the video. Their only relief is to dream and hope for a future. Let’s hope it arrives.


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