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from : Liverpool

personal object : a Cunard Shipping log-book (a remembered object, no image)

The log-book came to me when my uncle died. He was a merchant seaman. I knew he had also treasured the book and he said I could have it.

This particular book was from a specific time in his career in the early 1960’s when he was sailing from Liverpool to New York on the Cunard Shipping Line. The people on this route were known as ‘Cunard Yanks’. He always used to tell me lots of stories about his time at sea and my Mum has lots of the letters he wrote back to the family and my Grandmother.

I have a black and white photograph on the wall in my living room taken at the dockside in New York and the Cunard shipping dock space is visible, with a ship that may well have been the very one he sailed on.

The log-book lists all of the ships he sailed on between 1960 and 1965. It means an awful lot to me because when I look at it it brings him, and the stories he told, right back to me. Looking at the book I can visualise him making all those journeys which were such a big part of his life.

I’ve got the space I live in now…but I can also see the world through him in the log-book.

chosen artwork : Industrial Landscape    L.S. Lowry, 1955

Liverpool… Shipping… Docksides… Migration and Work… The painting reflects the feelings of those things and the industrial landscape.


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