Moving Objects

Tate Liverpool : 23 - 29 July 2018



Moving Objects was born out of Holland & Poulton’s independent project, Of Substance and Essence. Simultaneously, over a set period of time, they selected and photographed objects within their own homes that seemed imbued with, or had accrued, significance beyond their material form. The combined collection illustrated the capacity of objects to become emotionally charged signifiers of memory, absence, joy, hope...

In Moving Objects they widened the scope of the thesis, continuing to explore the meaning of objects to their owners, this time within the context of Liverpool as a port city – a point of arrival and departure for those seeking work, refuge, recreation or simply a better life.

From 23-29 July 2018, during a week-long residency in Tate Liverpool Tate Exchange, they set up a temporary photographic studio in which people were invited to share information about a significant object that had accompanied them on their journey to the city.¹ They were also asked to identify an artwork from Constellations - Tate’s display of works from its permanent collection – which in some way connected with their own object, their journey to Liverpool or their personal history.² In some cases the links were clear, in others the association was less immediately evident.

Over the course of the week more than 150 people from 32 countries took part in Moving Objects. Though not everyone wished to appear on the website, the majority of those who did are here.

A reflective text on Moving Objects by Dr Liz Mitchell can be read here.

     1. These include remembered objects, which travel in the minds of their owners, and objects that had been acquired during their owner's current visit to the city.

     2. For a variety of reasons, not every participant was able to select an artwork.


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