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Eddie, Yotam and Itarmar

from : Israel

personal object : three pairs of matching sandals

We have chosen our sandals as they represent us as a family and hold many memories and stories. These particular sandals are a very common Israeli brand of sandal, showing the white and blue colours of the Israeli flag in a specialised pattern. They are very well made; I have had these for 20 years and wear them everywhere, in every weather, even hiking.

The name of the company that makes the sandals means ‘root’, which suggests ‘being grounded’ or ‘growing’. For us, these shoes represent how our family roots have grown.

My wife and I bought a pair to share when hiking in Africa. It was a hard trek, but we said that if the shoes lasted we would make a good couple. They were our first steps to being a family. Now we have passed them on to our son, while our eldest son has his own pair.

chosen artwork : Industrial Landscape    L.S. Lowry, 1955

There is a sadness to this work. The chimney seems to represent England, where the Industrial Revolution was born, which led to greed and the making of money. We see chimneys everywhere - they speak of ‘development’. They also give out heat and warmth in the home, but this image does not look homely. We come from a warm place – for us, family and love are what matters. “Where are you, beautiful world?


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